Social Planning using the four wellbeings

Social Planning should include social, environmental, cultural and economic well-being.

Arts Access International has strongly stressed the importance of the Four well-beings being used in social planning.     An amendment is before the New Zealand Government Select committee to delete these well-being functions and purpose of local government.      Penny Eames will present our views to the Select Committee.      The submission will also include copies of her book  “Cultural Well-being and Cultural Capital”

Submission to Local Government and Environment Select Committee

In support of our philosophy for strengthening Cultural Well-being.    Penny Eames has made a submission to the Select Committee of the New Zealand government on the amendments to the 2002 Local Government Act.

That submission advocates the retention of the four Well-beings in the purpose of Local Government.   In this submission Penny Eames briefly discuss why the words well-being and culture should be retained and why the parts of the legislation which celebrate the quadruple bottom line of social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being should be in this Local Government Act Amendment.

The current legislation  includes the following statement Part 1, Purpose Page 18 of 2002 Local Government Act:

 “  d) provides for local authorities to play a broad role in promoting the social, economic, environmental, and cultural well-being of their communities, taking a sustainable development approach”.

I also recommend that this committee retain in Section 1 Interpretation the following statement in relation to community outcomes:

community outcomes means the outcomes that a local authority aims to achieve in order to promote the social, economic, environmental, and cultural well-being of its district or region, in the present and for the future”.

Keeping these well-being gives territorial local authorities the vision of regions, cities and districts where the well-being of its residents is the most important thing and the good infrastructure just part of the process to achieve that goal.

 Download the full submission   Submission to the Local Government Select committee on the Local Government Amendment Bill _1_ _1_

Also down load to go with this submission our book       Cultural Well-being Cultural Capital


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