Global Citizenship

A working group of Arts Access International has been examining the issues associated with positive Global Citizenship.  The working party included:   Hon Judith Tizard, Dr Robin Philipp and Penny Eames.

The objectives they identified were:

To create informed and engaged citizens and communities to:

  1. Understand and take control of their unique identities
  2. Celebrate their cultures
  3. Recognise and share their differences and
  4. Articulate their social, environmental, economic, cultural and spiritual needs.


  1. To enable and encourage all citizens of the globe to participate in the democratic processes of their countries, cities, communities, provinces and the regions.
  2. To encourage those who wouldn’t otherwise participate in community activities to have access to the means and opportunities to express their culture, views and needs;
  3. To engender an understanding of community and cultural processes;
  4. To enhance understand of one’s own cultural, community, social, economic and environmental well-being;
  5. To celebrate cultural diversity and difference;
  6. To create a climate of discovery, creativity and excitement as we together celebrate, appreciate and enjoy diversity of cultures including, meaning and purpose and to discover the processes which give us positive and constructive community engagement.
  7. To work with communities as they begin to understand and appreciate fundamentally their unique values in life and living and find ways to share these values;
  8. To learn how to live cooperatively to improve our sense of well-being and the richness of communicating and listening to others in communities;
  9. To be appreciative of differing values, ideologies and rituals that make up other cultures, and recognise how understanding these values can enrich our communities and societies
  10. To encourage each other to participate fully in societies’ decision making and democratic processes;
  11. To enable communities to recognise the economic, social, environmental benefits associated with creating partnerships which enable communities to meet common goals.

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