Cultural Economics and Wellbeing

by Penny on July 15, 2012

Home again from Japan after attending the 17th International Conference on Cultural Economics and giving a paper which can be downloaded and read.

What was interesting in so many papers was the discussion of wellbeing and cultural wellbeing generally.   Wellbeing as part of culture and as part of social capital.   Well actually social capital is only a part of cultural capital.  The networks, and there was a lot of discussion about networks and their value at the conference, are only a part of cultural capital.   Cultural capital being the total sum of the histories, myths, ideologies, values and all the rituals that are who we are.

Down load my paper and read about how to measure Cultural Capital.   Paper Measuring Cultural Capital

This paper is being read and discussed by people throughout the world.   We would be interested in your comments or if you email me at

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