Creative and Positive Ageing

by Penny on November 11, 2012

The baby boomers are now retiring and are healthy, adventurous, creative and energetic seniors.   Many will live 30+ years after they retire.  Some will live quality lives till well over 100 years. Most will retain their enthusiasm and be very active throughout their lives and will demand social, economic and environmental well-being. Most will want to live in their own homes and remain intelligence and activity.

This new generation of senior citizens will want, in fact demand, age appropriate activities that have no relation to sickness, nursing or health care. Seniors will want music, art, literature and performance. They will want fast broadband and good café environments.

The sickness model characterised by “Good morning dear, and how are we today?”  must be replaced by a well-being model “Good Morning Mrs Brown, what are you doing today?”  The well-being model for seniors has choice, creative engagement and social connectedness with others in society.

The Grey Power generation is embarking on a silent revolution and I will demonstrate how you, as creative people and arts administrators, can become an important part of that social movement being lead energetic seniors.

No longer will the seniors sector be called “aged care”.  It will be called retirement, but that word will mean action, and it will mean music, drama and films.

These activities and the art works that result will not only be shades of grey, they will be be shades of red, blue, yellow, green, purple, pink, orange, black and white.

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