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Ngara Social and Cultural Plan

Jonathan Smith, developer, farmer needed to turn his uneconomic farm into a small town.  There was pressure to do this as the area was growing and the cost of having a farm in an urban area was becoming too great.   He employed PSE Consultancy and Penny Eames to develop for him a planning document that would be the corner stone for his new town.

The Social and Cultural Plan was written and is available for anyone to download.   The Council of Kapiti called it exemplary and so it was.     This plan traced the land from when it came from out of the sea, then through its history, the indigenous people the Maori, then the Pakeha (white) visitors and then the development of a sea side town called Waikanae.  The people who lived in this town and on the land were interviewed and the history and culture were recorded in such a way as to ensure the wetlands, swamps, trees and the sanddunes were enhanced and developed with the land, not being place on the land.

This small town has not been built.   The government has decided to impose a big motorway (Expressway) through this land and to take it through the sanddunes and over and into the wetlands.      But the document is still available and other communities are following Jonathan Smith’s vision.

Download that wonderful document here and be inspired:

Download free:     Ngara Social and Cultural Plan

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